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Hi, Traveller and welcome to our fire.

Make a game, and we will compete.

Make a federated game, and you will be famous... eventually.

Connect your game with others, and this will be the first time in history... probably.

FediJam comes from the depths of the Fediverse.

Fediverse is a sea of little communities. Ran by different people, living by different rules, using different software and yet...
... sharing common protocols, able to communicate and forming a single network. Whoah?
Yep, all thousands of servers. Intertwined. It is a wildly diverse universe. See the starmap and a general guide.

What's in all of this for you?

You have a somewhat unique chance in history to learn how to make your games federate too, however different.
To make a living diverse universes of your own.
A feature, as far as i know, exclusive to FediJams. Just so happens we have all the people and knowledge for this.


We have a Matrix room to chat, teamup, and federate. It is on and there are ~20 awesome people.
Thanks Jan Jurzitza ( for hosting this small server!

The room is federated. It means, you join from any Matrix server, or even without an account, as a guest. ( List of Matrix clients)

You can also see (and post!) news under #fedijam Masto tag. (don't have a server? Find and join one! )

As a community, we are exploring novel ways of using federated spaces to make and/or spread games. Since everything is opensource and flexible, we can shape infrastructure and tools as we go, and this is fun in its' own right ^_^




  • Fun 
  • Creative Use of the Theme
  • Originality

Rating stops at Nov 18 18:00 UTC. Rating is public (any Itch user can vote).


  • The game should be made during the jam.
  • Using premade assets (like sounds, models and textures) you have a legal right to use is ok.
  • Use free and opensource engines and libraries (see example list below!). This one is not enforced, but some people won't play your game if you don't.
  • Publish your sourcecode and include a link on your game page.
  • If your game has NSFW, mark it appropriately.
  • For non-web (downloadable) games, Linux and Windows versions are required. Mac support is complicated, cannot be required, but encouraged.
  • Have an unfinished/crappy game in the end? Submit! Would like to see it and you can collect the constructive feedback.
  • Have fun!


In the sources, try to provide instructions on how to compile (if needed) and run. You can add it after submission, it is a recommendation. 
After submission ends, I will make posts with source code links (or repost you if you do it yourself).

Cool libre engines and frameworks to use (non-exhaustive, propose your fav!):

Extra software:

  • Blender (3D modeling)
  • Krita (2D art, mainly for painting)
  • Gimp (2D art, mainly for editing)
  • Opentoonz (frame-by-frame [vector] animations. Quirky but can be beautiful)
  • Audacity (some simpler sound editing)
  • Goxel (Tip: voxelling your assets can be an order of magnitude faster than to use Blender)
  • SuperCollider (sound synthesis) 

Some usable music is at
Yes, Funkwhale is a federated music thing ^_^
Thanks for both sharing this library and for Funkwhale itself, too!


We are actively exploring different ways to federate and to use Fediverse. For federation, right now what is _known_to_work_ is plain game federation over Matrix. Since Matrix is really just a decentralised message storage, overhead is low and things are relatively simple.
You can use Godot, godot-python and python Matrix modules like matrix-nio. Obviously, if without Godot/other elaborate engine,  you can use directly any libs yoou want.

A prototype that uses godot + godot-matrix + matrix-nio:
I have also refurbished godot-matrix module for this jam, check it out (thx vurpo for upstreaming it!):

There are also less explored avenues like having ActivityPub-based federation and Misskey-based gaming.
Please join our Matrix room if you want to federate /and/or advice on how to use fediverse (for your game and in general).

Lemmy discussion on the federated game ideas.

Also any help is welcome on writing the guides.
I hope to write something up before the jam starts but it will be short and incomplete.


Ask them in the community (here or on Matrix) or on Fediverse under #fedijam tag.
You can also dm or mention or leave a comment under the jam announcement


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