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When I heard Waypoint was going away I didn't know how to process that information. They got me through the pandemic as much as my friends, family, and tabletop sessions. A lifeline when I could feel myself drowning.  I realized this is how I wanted to channel how I felt about it all. 

I want to make games. My hope is that others will find catharsis in creation and play- as well as celebrating some wonderful folks.

This jam is intentionally loose but here are some guidelines.
- This isn't a ranked Jam, no one is winning or losing.
- Feel free to set a price on your games. Fuck capitalism but you deserve to be compensated for your work.
- The themes of jam are simple. Fuck Capitalism. Go Home. You can focus on either theme or both. If you wanna focus on burning it all down or finding warmth together at the fire- it's up to you.
- This isn't a place for bigotry or hate. While anger is a welcome thing to be expressed in the game, creators are advised to ensure they are punching up.

Finally this isn't official or recognized by Waypoint or Vice. This is just something I wanted to do as a fan that I hope others might find useful.



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A house rule
A Lasers & Feelings Hack of the 4X Strategy Genre
An interactive, "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure"-style comic book with branching story architecture and RPG elements.
Visual Novel
Step in and play in our Cyberside Picnic.
Visual Novel
an interactive wrapper for my entry to Manifesto Jam 2022
Play in browser
An anticapitalist Lasers & Feelings hack
A game about stealing/vandalizing school property.
A solo game about easy choices.
Delta RPG for Insular Revovutions
Just a coloring page to relax with
A short game about speaking out.
Visual Novel
Play in browser
A minimalist sci-fi survival RPG
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