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FC dev game jam

THEME: 1-bit display

FC dev jam is a 14 day game jam. It forces you to write a small fantasy console from scratch (graphic libs are fine) in any language under two weeks. 

So, what is a fantasy console? 

  • A Fantasy Console (FC) must not have existing hardware. e.g. The arduboy is not a fantasy console.
  • A FC needs to have restrictions of some sort. I feel adding the retro component (e.g. looks like X) to be defeating, as it might stifle the creation of new fantasy consoles. I think it would be fair to say:
  • A FC may be influenced by retro hardware. While most FC's already are influenced by hardware choices of the past, I don't think it's a hard requirement. I feel that while the nostalga factor is awesome, it can't be required.
  • A FC may have tools included. I feed that requiring built-in tools being necessary is also beyond the scope of a fantasy console. Old DMG01 hackers remember having to make their own software and hardware just to dev for it. Requiring tools is a very nice thing, but it can't be a requirement.
  • It must have some form of input. buttons, keys, controller, etc
  • It must have some form of output. lights, screen, speaker, etc. So you could make a controller console that only outputs sound. That would be a legit, albeit strange, fc. RAM is not a requirement - I imagine there could be some interesting FC's that only have CPU registers ROM is not a requirement (e.g. the Altair 8800).

Definition by @josefnpat


  • Relate to game jam's theme. The interpretation can be very broad, so don't feel restricted.
  • Everything has to be made during two weeks. (Choose only two of the four weeks.)
  • You don't have to work on it for one week straight, but the total time spent on making it shouldn't take more than 14 days.
  • You can submit multiple creations.
  • Be nice to other, don't take other ideas, be creative!
  • Have fun. ;)

What more challenge? Here is a few options:

  • Make a game and ship it with your console!
  • Use a really tiny resolution (64x64 for example, it would be really neat for using in the #LOWREZJAM)!
  • Limit your time even more!
  • Add a web exporting for your carts!

Existing fantasy consoles:

Prizes (for the best console):

Fantasy Consoles Discord Server

Hosted by: @egordorichev

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A capable fantasy console with a solid Entity Component System as its backbone.
DX8 Home Computer
A Fantasy Console using an esoteric programming language and INI files.
A fantasy console made for the Fantasy Console Dev Jam 2017
A fantasy console for making small LCD games, such as virtual pets
the 4 Bits Of DOOM! is a 4 bit esoteric fantasy console
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