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Welcome to the FAtiMA’s game jam. This game jam is about creating games using the FAtiMA Toolkit.

Congratulations to the Winner: "The Princess and the Shapeshifter"

Thank you all for participating!

The Jam is now over and the winner will be announce on 31st of January

What is FAtiMA Toolkit?

 FAtiMA Toolkit is the emotion engine for your AI characters.

FAtiMA Toolkit is a free collection of tools/assets designed for the creation of characters with social and emotional intelligence. Using it will allow you to create interesting, believable and engaging characters that appraise events and make decisions on their own.

Fatima Toolkit is a C# library that can be easily integrated into already existing projects. FAtiMA Toolkit can be, and is, used in commercial video games, serious games, educational robots, virtual reality experiences, among others. 

FAtiMA Toolkit allows you to: 

  • Create AI characters that feel like humans
  • Wield a Highly Flexible dialogue system
  • Use Authoring Tools for rapid prototyping

The purpose of this software component is to facilitate the use of  interactive storytelling, with compelling emotional characters, for the development of applied games. More precisely, it is meant to aid developers in the creation of game scenarios where both players and autonomous characters are playing an active role in a narrative that unfolds according to their actions.

We want to see what games you can make using this tool.

Note: Unfinished works* are allowed/encouraged, and completing the work isn't a requirement either - demos are perfectly fine.

Where can I find this Toolkit?

FAtiMA Toolkit is available  on Github and on the Game Component website

The version used for this Game JAM is v2.5.2 also known as the FAtiMA-Toolkit Game Jam Edition.

You can find it in the link above or in the releases sections of its Github page. However we encourage you to check out ourGet Started webpage to learn what files you will want to use on your videogame

Where can I learn how to use it?

We have a ton of learning materials in our website. Here is where you can Get Started:

We have created a Unity Starter Kit for you to learn to use our tools and even if you used it to build your own scenario submit it for a chance to win the 1st Place, and a prize!

Win a Prize of  500€!


  • Games must use FAtiMA components
  • You may use existing code and assets or but must not use any copyrighted material.
  • Adapting your own existing games is allowed as long as it does not violate any of the other rules.
  • You can start developing at any time, just make sure your game is submitted before the jam ends.
  • Do not use an earlier version of FAtiMA Toolkit. We will only accept submissions of FAtiMA's 2.5.2 version. 
  • Games must display a conversation flowing between 3 different characters at the same time


Entries will be judged by a small panel. The panel will be looking at how the game uses FAtiMA and how creative and original the interactions will be.

The invited judge panel, which will judge the submissions by the following criteria:

- Idea’s creativity (30%)

- Conversational Experience Quality (30%)

- FAtiMA Toolkit’s usage (40%)

The winner of this contest will be awarded with 500€

Creator's block? Here are a couple of ideas for conversational scenarios you might want to give it try:

  • A Job Interview
  • A Police Interrogation
  • A Backyard Party
  • An altar conversation between the fiancees  and the priest
  • A Haunted house where you have to solve riddles by talking with the ghosts
  • Fish talking in an aquarium


The dates/phases defined for the FAtiMA award 2018 are:

- Participation period from 19th November 2018 to 14th January 2019

- Results announcement: 31st January 2019

Here is the Prize Regulation Document


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