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Welcome Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles, and other Father figures to the very FIRST Fathers Day Game Jam.

Let's face it, being a Dad is FUN, but TIRING. We certainly are not going to try and compete with the time, energy and commitment that a mother provides, but we do our share.

As Dad's we have a lot of fun with our kids (mostly). But what can be MORE fun that building a GAME with your kids? That's right, nothing.

Being a busy Dad, you know how hard it can be to go to work, and then get home to do a little #gamedev after the kids, and sometimes wife, have gone to sleep. So in this spirit, the Jam gives you Six Weeks to complete your game. Yes, that's right, start your game on May 5th (or earlier if you want) and finish it in Six Weeks.

Take heed, you must complete your game BEFORE Fathers Day. After all, Fathers Day is spent with your family, in front of the Grill drinking beer. You won't have time for any #gamedev.

Work on it in your spare time. Maybe it's part of your #1GAM entry. Maybe you made something for Ludum Dare. We don't care, just make a game, and have your kids involved in some way.

Note: If you have an infant, you can still post an entry. We might even give you bonus points for making a game on little to no sleep.

While there is no THEME to the JAM, in the spirit of Fathers Day, try to make a game that might capture the meaning of the Day to you. Or maybe think of a Dad moment that was special to you.

My name is Paul.
I am a Dad.
I make games.

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a short roguelike experiment for the #fathersdayjam
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Retro graphics, human-like AI, strategic gameplay and high learning curve make Tranz-Am a must have top-down shooters.