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Pick your best fantasy console and make a game in one week!

Fantasy Consoles?! What the heck is that?!

Fantasy consoles are, broadly speaking, game consoles that don't actually exist. The definition is a bit lax, as people are never able to agree on a precise definition, so here are some generally shared characteristics of a fantasy console:

  • An environment in which to run games
  • Contains tools with which to make games
    • Typically, a code editor, a sound editor, and a graphics editor
  • Usually, they use a scripting language such as Lua or Python; some use Java, and some even emulate entire computer systems and use Assembly
  • Retro theme (graphics, sound, etc)
  • Some form of artificial limitations intended to inspire creativity
    • Code size limit
    • Sprite limit
    • Relatively low resolutions

A good list is

Theme: Happiness

Things seem a bit dark right now, so let's shine a light!


  • The jam runs for three weeks
    • Only one week can be spent per game
      • We operate on the honor system. Please don't abuse this. Keep it fair for everyone else.
      • This does not mean, for instance, April 1 to April 8th; you can spend any seven days you wish. If you're limited in how much time you can work per day (if you only have, for instance, 45 minutes available), you are allowed to go a bit higher to compensate; the goal is to have fun while keeping the jam fair to everyone else, not to reduce who has the ability to participate
    • You can submit one game per week
      • That's three games per team
      • Feel free to change up the teams! You can work with a different group each week!
  • Follow the theme
    • Interpret it as you see fit! Creative interpretation of the theme is explicitly encouraged!
  • Use any fantasy console, by your own definition of fantasy console (but keep in mind that the voters may not agree, so if your goal is to win, calling e.g. the x86 architecture a FC may not be in your best interests)
    • Using a fantasy console officially recognized by the community is recommended, but not required
  • All assets - code, art, sound, etc. - must be made within the jam's time frame
    • All assets of the game must be made within one week of effort. Again, this runs on the honor system.
  • The top three jammers will be rewarded titles on the Discord server
  • Voting will be public; you can vote even if you don't submit an entry
  • Voting lasts for a few weeks to give everyone plenty of time to vote on every entry
  • Voting on games other than your own is highly encouraged
    • Anyone who misranks games to increase their own chances of winning will be disqualified immediately. We don't anticipate having to deal with that, but it has to be said anyways.
  • The most important rule of all: have fun!

Join the Discord Server if you haven't already. Please share your progress there in #game-jams,  on Mastodon or Twitter using the hashtag #FCJAM5, start a thread in the community section here, do whatever! Community engagement isn't strictly required, but it's highly recommended (especially if you want to get people excited about your game before you submit it!)

Good luck, and above all, have fun!


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Play classic arcade games on a retro-styled fantasy holographic console.
Take Woolly home, collect all the wool to make Woolly happy
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A snake clone with screen wrapping
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Bring back happiness
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Sprites and child-parent transformations in TIC80
Run in browser
Keep the ball away from the defenders’ hands until you get to the slam dunk!
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My submission for the Fantasy Console Game Jam 5
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A one button game about helping a box eat coconuts.
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perhaps happines is achieved through the acknowledgement of its contrast
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Port of ZX Spectrum game
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For the GamJam "Happyness" !