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Welcome to the 2D Fan Games Game Jam! All you need to do is make a game based on the following rules! You have THREE DAYS! Tweet your progress each day with #2DFanGameJam


-You have to make the game, no stealing! xD

-Your game must be in 2D, that's kinda in the title of this.

-Your game must be a fan game of a YouTuber with 1 Million Subscribers or more! *(So the voters are more likely to have heard of the person you're doing)*

-Your game must have a reference from at least one video uploaded by that YouTuber!

-You can make your own textures and/or audio, use public access textures/audio, or use textures/audio from that YouTuber IF the YouTuber has expressed they are allowed to be used, and credit must given.

-You must give credit to the YouTuber in the game somewhere, especially if you used textures or audio from them.

-Feel free to use whatever you want otherwise for programming this game. Just make sure it is 2D, about a YouTuber with 1Million+ subs, and obviously that the game doesn't break any copyright laws!

-Don't forget to tweet your progress each day with #2DFanGameJam

Good Luck!

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A game about YouTuber theodd1sout made in three days for a game jam.