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As of January 4th, the optional theme is:

Thank you to all who have joined! Good luck and most importantly, have fun!!

Don't limit your love for those around you just because the day for romantic affection is peeking up! This game jam is all about creating a game, interactive artwork, visual novel, etc-  for the people and animals who take up a hefty space in your heart. The game can be based on their personality, their likes, or be about themselves. Anything goes- vague or vivid- when it comes to one (or many) of your loved ones.

Besides the main theme of family, friends, pets, partners, etc- an optional theme will be announced here when the jam officially starts in January!

General Rules, Regulations & Allowances

• Solo-goers and teams of all sizes are free to participate.

• Submissions must be kept SFW (Safe For Work). Learn what falls under the NSFW category here.

• Game assets such as sprites and art, music and sound effects, etc, that are not made by yourself or your team, need to be properly credited for. With this in mind, all kinds of assets, self-created and 3rd-party alike, are allowed.

• You are allowed to start building your game before the jam officially starts, but it is encouraged to bring a fresh mind to the event!

• Games do not have to be completely finished.

All in all, relax, have fun, and keep your loved ones in mind!

For the time being, this jam is currently void of ranking. Prizes, as well as judges are being considered. In the case that this jam provides prizes and ranking, only free-to-play games would be eligible. Although the games need to be free-to-play, submissions are allowed to have the name-your-price option enabled. Stay tuned for future updates on the matter, as well as an eventual discord server!

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