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Cross Sector Game Jam

Join Fak’ugesi Arcade in a game jam that invites participants from all sectors of digital creation to create and prototype new games! This is a special focus on cross-sector work. Are you a screenwriter, animator, musician, UX professional or game developer? This if for you.

All levels of experience are welcome, whether you are an avid creator of video games or just starting out, this game jam invites you to participate, create and learn! Before this game jam four different cross-sector workshops will take place to support engagement for this game jam, these focus on the following:

1) Screenwriting for video games
2) Animation for video games
3) Music for video games
4) UX Design for video games

All these workshops are not a requirement, but if you feel you need a little intro, these workshops will prepare you as the participant for this game jam! You are encouraged to attend these workshops, even if you are a professional game developer!

During this 2 day game jam, we encourage participants to translate their skills from film, music, UX/UI creation and animation into the development of video games to start a collaborative and integrative relationship between the creative sectors in Johannesburg.

Prize: Project Incubation up to R60 000 supported by the City of Johannesburg and the following awards:
BEST GAME FEEL AWARD (User Experience)
BEST GAME ART AWARD (Includes animation)
BEST NARRATIVE AWARD (writing of any sorts)
BEST AUDIO AWARD (music, sound effects, voice over)

Please Note: You must bring any equipment that you need along with you to this game jam!

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