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For sure you made some games before, and you thought: Hey, yeah, they helped me getting better, but they're totally dumb and stupid and broken.

You should give these games a second chance! So get out an old game of you and try to fix errors and bugs with the things you learned! Add some things you would really like to see in the game, make it better but keep the name - it's the soul of one of the games you would have never thought of bringing to public, but now it goes online!

The goal of this jam is to see how far you've come with your skills, to give the games you once made a second chance and to feel the charme of those old things just once again, you might think: That was a pretty bad idea, but for the sake of this: Think of something that could make that idea brilliant! Be creative and show the world your flaws! We all started small and unexperienced, but this jam can show everyone, that even the greatest dev had some little projects to start, and they probably weren't that good.

So get out your old project folder and start enhancing your game! Like a red plumber would say: Let's a go!

I think it would be very cool, if you were to post a screenshot before you polish it, and after, that way, everyone can see how much progress was made!