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Welcome to Faction Jam, a jam for tabletop roleplaying games that grapple with factions larger than individuals, and how they interact. Your entries can be stand-alone games, supplementary material for the background of an ongoing traditional roleplaying campaign, a pre-campaign worldbuilding game, a GM tool to simulate a world in active motion, or anything else your inspiration leads you to create!

While this jam is inspired by ttrpgs, your entries are welcome to consist of other forms of media, if you are so inclined: LARPs, board games, and even video game submissions are certainly allowed!

Optional Guidelines:

  • don't focus on individuals, but rather the broader sweep of factional interactions
  • simulate a world that lives and breathes, rather than presenting a winner-takes-all competition or race
  • allow for focus on communities that are not the dominant or militant forces in their society

This is an LGBT+ friendly jam. Additionally, entries that punch down against marginalized communities or depict triggering content without ample content warnings may be removed at the host's discretion.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact @mossy_toes on twitter!


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a worldbuilding game where you write documents for factions in a city on a planet in a system.
​A faction building hack of Alone Among the Stars
Générer une faction en quelques lancers de dés