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THEME: "Modern weapons with a magical twist"

Hello Extra Jam 24! I'm Nate from I Love To Jam and I'm here to promote our Extra Life Game Jam Live stream! We'll be building a game over the 24 hour duration of Extra Life this year. But not only are we making a game we're inviting you along for the ride. Watch, chat, donate, or join the jam!

Our stream will have game development as well as prizes, games, and special guests. The festivities start November 7th at 8am PST with the jam theme announced around 9.

All donations to us support The Doernbecher Children's Hospital through the Children's Miracle Network.

If you have any questions or comments I'll be around to answer them on our Twitter.

Important links:
Extra Life
I Love To Jam Extra Life team Page (Feel free to join us!)
I Love To Jam Twitch
Extra Jam 24 page

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(November) 3 industrial wizards fight off waves of goblins!