This jam is now over. It ran from 2015-04-19 23:00:00 to 2015-04-26 23:00:00.

The idea of this jam is that one entrant starts a game, and a second entrant finishes it. It's named after the game "equisite corpse", where several people draw on the same piece of paper to make a collaborative picture.

At the half way point of the jam, this jam will close, and the games will be uploaded in their current form. Everyone gets a chance to play them, and then part 2 of the jam will start- where everyone chooses a game to finish, and finishes it

(to avoid uploading two versions of the same game, use the "Admins" feature on your game's edit page to allow the second user to upload thier version to the same page.)

When part 1 is over, Use the comments page on the game you want to finish to "claim" it, and then work things out together from there.

All games will contain two credits.

  • If at the half way point you decide you'd rather finish the game on your own, you can, but you can't submit it.
  • When finishing someone else's game, don't be cheap. Don't cop out of an ending by instantly killing everyone off, don't insert violence, sex, swearing etc into games where there previously was none, etc. Try and respect the first artist's work. Finish it how you'd want someone else to finish yours. You can be unpredictable, however.
  • The game doesn't need to have a story, for example, one person could start a simulation game with loads of missing pieces, the second person could fill those pieces in.
  • Use an accessible language such as Unity, Twine, or Game Maker so that anyone can finish it. (Flash doesn't count as accessible, due to being paid.)
  • You can go back and tweak earlier things that the first person did. This is a game, rather than a movie, it's not made in "order". but don't tear it to pieces and start it over. Attach pieces onto it and try not to take much away.
  • DON'T make your dream game, because the second contributor will not finish it the way you want. Make something small and simple, preferably without characters you'll get attached to.
  • If you think you might get attached to your work I recommend you don't enter. This jam is for those who enjoy these sorts of risks and don't mind working with strangers.


The games are all collaborative efforts between two people, but the ownership of its individual parts belongs to whoever came up with them. EG. if someone introduces characters, ideas, themes, in their part of the game, they own them. Think of it as two games smooshed together. Everyone owns only what they ADDED in their half, rather than what they used from someone else's half.


This jam is unranked, but I felt like it as too good an idea not to turn into a jam, and will produce collaborative games between people who otherwise may not have collaborated.

It's open to anyone.