Submissions open from 2020-06-05 14:00:00 to 2020-06-19 14:00:00
Starts in

2 weeks to experiment something!

It can be anything, including:
  • Create a Video Game with a new functionality, a new technology, etc
  • Create a tool/a library
  • Create a new gameplay's mechanics
  • Create a piece of software
  • Or Anything else!

There is only one limitation = You need to experiment something!

Important! : You need to put the links of all the ressources that you used for the experiment on your submission's page. That includes documentation, library, texture, etc, and  you need to explain your experiments on your submission's page. If its a game,  a library, or anything with a piece of code, you need to put it on Github/Bitbucket/anything and add the links on your submission's page)

The Goal of this Jam: 

Learn something by experimenting something or by testing something, and allow  other people to learn from what your results and from your experiment. Its not a requirement and its not important to have something working, or having a good result. The important is learning from your experiment and allow other to learn from it.  

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