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Welcome to Even Week Long Game Jam 

Why not start a game jam on an even day and finish on one, a week later.

The evil brother to Odd Weekend Game Jam

This is just like the normal Even Weekend Game Jam but just longer.  This Jam goes for 10 days vs the normal 3 day jams. 


  • Use any engine of your choice
  •  Prototype or Game must be made within jam
  • Use  of Mechanical Theme Required
  • Online assets are ok to use.  Just be sure to credit work where credit is due. 
  • Game Must be free to play
  • Be Respectful and nice
  • Jam Solo or Squad Up (If you want to work on a team but need people, put out a message in our discord Team Up channel). 
  • Submit something
  • And always Have fun!!!!

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Partners: Crowdforge

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Mechanical Theme:  Visual Novel Elements

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An inner journey through the poverty of our souls!
Visual Novel
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Surrealist Sci-Fi Adventure
Visual Novel
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