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We invite you to come and participate in this fun game jam. All the details are below:

Theme: Keeping it simple - Make a simple game. You may choose to make a 2D or 3D game. A 2D game is suggested, as it stays with the theme.

Rules: You DO NOT have to make the graphics. You may use graphics from the internet, as long as you include credit to who made those graphics / images / videos / resources. Voting ends on July 26 of 2016. You must also submit any files including code for the game. You are limited to 5,750 lines of code. If you're using more then 1 file, using a calculator to add it up.

Note: This is the first Game Jam I've ever hosted. Please, do not get upset if I left some important piece of information out.

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Bounce & Dodge Arcade Game
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