Submissions open from 2020-03-01 06:00:00 to 2020-04-15 05:00:00
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"This jam... I'll do it later." A funny thing to say considering the jam lasts all of March! But no worry about putting it off, you have plenty of time! Or do you? 

This jam will test your ability to come up with a creative use of that one word, Procrastination. Can you theme a game after something that means to delay or postpone something? Doesn't seem to make sense, but it is what you will be doing if you join this jam.

Only 1 catch to this jam, and that is the limitation. It won't be shared until the day before the jam. If you are up to the challenge and want to win a cool asset pack  (Scroll all the way down to see it),  then this jam is for you! If you don't feel like making a game with this theme, this jam might not be for you, but you should still give us a try!


Here, time for the rules of the jam, then we will discuss some more stuff.

The jam has been extended to April 15th due to Corona Virus


1. No 18+ content, so no blood or NSFW
2. Your game must follow the theme and limitation
3. To receive the prize, you must join our discord so we can message it to you, then you can feel free to leave if you wish
4. Your game can not contain ANY premade assets, whether or not you made them
5. You can not start on the game  (Planning is allowed)  until March 1st

These are the rules, and must be followed. Now, here is how the prizing system will work:

1st Place:  You will win the asset pack  (Scroll all the way down to see it)  and a shoutout and your game posted in our Discord
2nd Place:  You will get a shoutout and your game posted in our Discord
3rd Place: You will get a shoutout and your game posted in our Discord

If you would like to stay up to date on the jam progress and any news that might come out during it, join our Discord!

Keep in mind, this is just a jam, and should be enjoyed. You have a month to make an amazing game, and we look forward to seeing what you all make in it!

This is the asset pack that you will win if you get 1st place: