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This is a game jam about the inevitable end.

Beginnings are exciting, but the end tells us what it was all for— what the journey meant. The end is where we finally understand and where we find peace and resolution.

The guidelines for design are as follows:

  • Create a game (tabletop, card, video, or other medium) about an inevitable end.
  • Your game must have an explicit end state. No "play until you feel you're done" or endless procedural generation. The ending should be a significant element of your game's design.

For an additional challenge, you may take on one or more of these optional restrictions:

  • Write a game where the game itself is destroyed by the player(s) as they play.
  • Write a game that has multiple explicit ending states.

Submissions will not be judged or ranked, though participants may opt in to submit their game for review and potential inclusion in a curated bundle following the jam's conclusion. Participants are encouraged to price their games so that they are compensated for their work, but doing so is not required. This jam and its creator stands for equity and thoughtful design, and games that promote bigotry of any form will be removed from the jam.

If you have any questions, feel free to @ or DM me @Anarisis on Twitter!

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a game for exiles in the dark, where the only way out is through
A space exploration game for 2-4 players
A descended from the queen card game about the end.
A storytelling game about the last leg of a long haul space mission.
A gm-less diceless PbtA rpg about post-humans deciding the fate of their dying universe.
an asynchronous correspondence horror game about loneliness for two spacefarers
2-Player RPG where you can save either your relationship the world.
a resource to find a most satisfying and memorable finale to your game
A survival horror adventure TTRPG for 2-4 players
Your last adventure together.
A noir role-playing game about a femme fatale and her detective
an inevitable solo feverdream
A sad game about doomed warriors who intend to die in battle. Based on Dragon Age canon.
A game about contemplating revenge in the face of apocalypse.
Sometimes you make friends, and sometimes you know you will have to say goodbye to those friends.
A game of (un)graceful social exits
How do you say goodbye to the characters you love?
A game about the end, and the words we meet there
An 8-player LARP about an Old West Town with an oncoming Reckoning
some pool shenanigans that are kinda LARPish