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On 22th October, the cult classics of weird and experimental LSD Dream Emulator has its 20th anniversary. Let's celebrate it by making games inspired by it!

There is no competition, the goal is to make a tribute to the game in one of the two forms.

a game that follows LSD Dream Emulator formula closely (first-person, 3D, focus on exploration, very little text);

a game that is simply inspired  by LSD Dream Emulator, can differ from it greatly (may be 3D or 2D, may contain more text), but it still must be at least somewhat surreal and must have an exploration-focused gameplay.

You can submit games that you started making before the jam and you can use public domain/free to use assets, but you should not use the assets directly ripped from LSD Dream Emulator. Keep in mind that LSD Dream Emulator is a commercial product, and Osamu Sato doesn't really like copyright infridgments. NSFW games are allowed, but please mark them as such. Content Warnings are appriciated too.  

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Explore a cat-filled dream world
Save your sister from a monster that stalks her in nightmares.
In Which a Dream Is Known by Its Waking
A series of dreamworlds to explore and lose yourself in.
A lo-fi entry to the Emulated Dreams jam
Play in browser
a game made for a game jam
Play in browser
a small wandering game i made while learning unity
A piece of a lucid dreamscape.
dream exploration game
Play in browser
weird short exploration game, featuring raccoons
When the world can't help you find yourself, maybe the answer lies inside.
Interactive Fiction
Surreal explorative puzzlebox (WIP)