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What is the Emotional Game Jam?

The goal is to come together and make a video game, in which emotions play a essential role.

When is the Emotional Game Jam?

The Emotional Game Jam starts Tuesday February 7th, 1 pm CET (GMT+1) and will end 48 hours later on Thursday 9th, 1 pm CET (GMT+1).

Where the Emotional Game Jam will take place?

The EGJ takes place in L3di University (part of UCO Laval), 25 rue du Mans, 53000 Laval. But teams that can not integrate this site can participate online to the Game Jam anywhere in the world.

Who is organizing?

The EGJ is organized by L3di UCO University.

When do I need to register?

You have to register here and then join us on The deadline is Sunday, February 5th. But please note that on site, there are limited places. So, the registration for the Game Jam on site will close when no more place will be available. You will still have the possibility to participate to the game jam from another place (home, your university, etc…)

Why do I need an account?

You will need an account to be allowded to follow the forum of the jam's community. It's here that main and second jam theme will be unveiled. Also, each team will have to post there work in progress every 4 hours.

Why do I need a skype address?

You will need a skype address if you're not on the site in Laval. Your skype address wil allow you to be in touch with the organization team.

Do I need a team?

Teams should consist of no more than 4 members. You can participate on your own (although collaboration is more fun !). But please note that you will not have the opportunity to find teammates at the game jam. Teams should be constituted before registration.

Is the Jam only for students?

No, the competition is open to all participants, whether they are students, professionals or non-professionals. The minimum age for participants is 18 years.

What are the absolute requirements?

You can develop using any tools for any platform that you want. All game engines are accepted as long as their rights were acquired legally.

May I come with already developed assets or props?

No. It can not be used of 3D or 2D props designed before the start of the game jam.

Proceedings during the competition

Tuesday 11 am Jammers show up at the venue, sign-in, and check they can connect to Wi-fi. At the opening of the competition , a main theme is communicated to the competitors. Each team tries to design and produce a video game in response to this theme and bearing in mind that the reason for the jam is to meet all together to make video games in which emotions have an essential place.

A secondary theme will be added throughout the competition. Both a source of inspiration and constraint, it absolutely must be integrated into your game.

The teams may use any technique and tool (pixel art, 3D, movie, photo, drawings, stop motion, model paper, etc...), it is the quality of the emotional investment of the player which is valued, but also the memory impact that is generated by the quality of these emotions.

So, you are free to use the game engine of your choice provided that it is obtained in a lawful manner.

The game must be entirely designed and created during the time of the Game Jam, no preconceived element can be used; that is why teams are accountable for the progress of their work every 4 h via the Jam forum, here on

All teams must provide at the end of the Jam an executable file with a text file explaining how to install and use the video game. The file supplied must be compatible with a standard PC equipped with windows 7, 8 and 10, and a latest generation video card. A short abstract in a text file is needed too, as if possible In Game pictures or Video game Trailer.

The contest lasts 48 h.

The Game Jam begins this year on Tuesday, February 07, 2017 at 1 pm and ends on Thursday, February 09, 2017 at 1 pm.


A jury composed of members of the University Laval 3Di – UCO and video game professionnals will attribute at the jam's closing three awards:

-The price of the best emotional game.

Each Member of the team winning this award receives as a gift a Steam card with a value of € 50.

-The prize of the best emotional graphic design

-The prize of the best emotional mechanics of game

For these two prizes, each member of the winning teams receives as a gift a Steam card worth €20.

Communication and rights

As soon as they take part in the competition, each entrant grants the Emotional Game Jam to use free of charge, in the context of the communication of the event, the name of the team and the game. In the same way everyone accepts the broadcast of their photographic and video image insofar as it is taken on the site, during the competition.

This regulation is subject to french law.

Participation in the Emotional Game Jam implies acceptance by each participant of the said regulations.

Practical information

Remember to bring everything necessary for the conception of your game (pen, felt, markers, sticky, sketchbook), as well as the equipment you will need depending on your speciality (laptop, graphic Tablet, camera, etc). We provide no other equipment than computers (minimum 2 per team), scanners (1 per team) and an internet connection.

Throughout the competition coffee and tea will be freely available, remember to bring enough food for yourself to last throughout the game jam !

We wil try to put at your disposal a room with a few mattresses, don't forget your duvet.

There's no shower on-site.

How much will this cost me?

No fee to register.

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