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Welcome to the Emerson Game Jam, an annual game jam sponsored by the Emerson Game Developers for the Emerson College community!

The jam lasts March 23rd to March 30th EST. Students, Faculty, and Staff are welcome to participate. You need not be a game developer to participate. If you have a computer, you're set!

This is meant to be a welcoming environment for people from all walks of life and all skill levels. Remember, we are aiming for finished, not perfect. All of these will be works in progress.

Theme: HOPE!


  • Games should be created only during the jam time from (March 23-30)
  • All Game engines are welcome!
  • Teams of any size are allowed.
  • You are free to create what you wish, however, we hope you follow the theme and make the best game you can during this time frame.
  • Remember copyright is a thing. Open source artwork/audio is okay.
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A text-based adventure game about parenting in a post-apocalypse.
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