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What is EmCliC Game Jam 2023?

EmCliC stands for "Embodying Climate Change" and our Game Jam is an initiative by PJAIT Game LabEmbodying Climate ChangeZiemnaki i & Polygon to engage and inform on the dangers of heat stress caused by the climate catastrophe and urban overheating. The goal is to involve designers and developers in the topic of urban overheating through the art of game design by encouraging the creation of accessible interactive experiences for the wider public.  

When & Where will EmCliC Game Jam 2023 take place?

EmCliC Jam officially starts on the 14th of April at 16:00 CET and ends with the submission deadline on the 16th of April at 17:00 CET. All submissions will be open for ratings until 18:00 CET on the same day.  

The Jam will take place in hybrid form. This means that every person can participate from the comfort of their home. Meanwhile, the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw will open its doors for registered participants in designated spaces over the weekend (You don't need to be a PJAIT student to participate). The on-site event  The registration for on-campus participants will be open until the 12th of April.  To stay informed on updates, reminders and other jam related content we recommend you to join PJAIT Game Lab's Discord server where the event will be hosted and follow us on Instagram

What are the Rules for EmCliC Game Jam 2023?

1. Create an account and register before April 14th!

2. Your submission must thematise the dangers of overheating due to climate change. How you do that is up to you! 

3. Your submission should include at least one of the following modifiers: 

  • Accessibility (Imagine how a person who has never played a video game plays your game!) 

  • Urbanization & Cities (Show how Heat Stress emerges in cities, what it causes or how it could be solved!) 

  • Social Inequalities (Discuss the impact of heat on society!) 

  • Physical Health (How does overheating affect our bodies and well being!) 

4. The hands-on development (i.e., coding, implementation, testing) of your game can only happen during the Jam. You are, however, encouraged to work on a concept, overall design, and basic code beforehand. 

5. We'd appreciate it if your game runs as browser version. 

6. Your game must be submitted before the deadline 16th of April at 17:00 CET. 

7. Be respectful and supportive towards your fellow jammers! 

What makes EmCliC Game Jam 2023 special?

Four submissions will be selected to become part of an art exhibition curated by Ziemnaki i titled "How do you feel?" at the Dom Kultury Ochota in Warsaw, Poland in May 2023. Three games will be chosen by the organisers on the basis of how well they made use of the modifiers and overall theme, while one game will be selected via community vote.

New to Game Jams?

Don't despair! We compiled a playlist for you called HOW TO GAME JAM! where you will find useful tips, tricks and tutorials for your game and basic Do's and Dont's at Game Jams. 

Furthermore, Polygon has provided two exclusive instructional videos on how to set up GitHub and how to export Unity builds as WebGL and set up your page.

Meet the Organisers!

Benjamin Hanussek - Head of PJAIT Game Lab
Karyna Haiduk & Liliia Kravchenko - Design & Visual Identity
Dmitry Pisarchik, Ivan Tsimchyshyn & Kirill Varmalov - Video Production
Sofiia Orlovska & Oleksandra Ivushkina-Shmitt - Instagram
Vladlen Zabelin - Promotional Posters
Anastasiia Yurchenko - Discord

Zosia Bienkowska - Anthropologist & Social Scientist at the University of Warsaw

Josh Plough - Cultural Manager & Founder

Krzysztof Rudnicki - Head of KNTG Polygon
Anna Krawczuk - Promotion & Organisation
Mateusz Szczepański - Organisation


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A short story about a climate migrant who must leave back his life due to the side effects of global warming.
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2d platformer
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Save your bee friends from the fire!
City builder with heat simulation
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