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This is a club open to everyone interested in writing games in the Elm programming language, in the form a monthly game jam, with a couple of rules tailored to our community:

  • The games must be predominantly written in Elm.
  • The game's source must eventually be public.
  • And most importantly, the games' source should be readable and approachable, so that it's easy to talk about how the games are made and learn from each other.

The topic of this month is "Safety".  Check these awesome examples from Joel here:

It could be safety or lack of safety. For example, you play a safety inspector visiting an unsafe industrial zone. You can develop the theme in many different directions and mechanics:

  • A point-and-click adventure / puzzle game where you try to detect all the violations before time runs out
  • A stealth game where you're undercover and need to inspect certain rooms and exit the factory without getting caught by the corrupt boss
  • An obstacle-course style game where you have to traverse the factory without dying from the incredibly unsafe environment
  • City-builder style: given a small amount of money, can you get the factory up to minimum safety levels by the end of the month?
  • Narrative-based: You have a certain number of actions to inspect rooms / interview employees. Can you correctly determine if the factory is up to code before time runs out?

For now, this is how it works. This is the first time we're doing this, so these rules, the submission system — we'll see how it goes!


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This is a pirate-themed tower defense game
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Avoid perilous objects and stay alive in your safety bubble​
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Mouse-only defense game
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Textual game to memorize Bible verses
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