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This is a club open to everyone interested in writing games in the Elm programming language, in the form of a game jam. Many of us learned Elm from making games. Please join even if you are new to the language! We are all here to:

  • Have fun
  • Learn from each other
  • Share Elm examples with the wider community

We encourage you to submit an incomplete prototype early, and then release frequent updates. This will not only make the game jam more fun to follow, but also let you get some useful feedback and new ideas from other participants.

The topic of this jam is Three-dimensional. This is broad and up to interpretation. Use it to inspire the theme or mechanics of your game. You can make almost any genre fit here. 

Some examples might be:

  • 3D tic tac toe
  • Virtual shape sorter toy for kids
  • 3D-rendered tower of Hanoi puzzle
  • First person maze
  • Physically simulated Dungeons and Dragons dice roller
  • Bowling


cube, cone and sphere


  • 楽しもう
  • お互いから学ぼう
  • コミュニティでElmの作品を共有しよう




  • 3D三目並べ
  • 子供のための積み木のおもちゃ(型はめパズル)
  • 「ハノイの塔」の3Dレンダリング
  • 一人称視点の迷路
  • 物理的にシミュレートされたダンジョンズ・アンド・ドラゴンズのサイコロを振るゲーム
  • ボウリング


cube, cone and sphere


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Puzzle game heavily inspired by Bloxorz flash game
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Physically simulated pool game
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Humans find telekinetic amusment from the forever-altered weather conditions.
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