This jam is now over. It ran from 2017-09-24 07:00:00 to 2017-09-25 07:00:00. View results

We are sad to say that this game jam has been cancelled due to a lack of submissions.

We apologize for any inconveniences. Thank you for your time.

Electric Eyebat's annual wishing game jam!

This is an annual game jam by Electric Eyebat where anyone at all can join and vote and the winner gets *one wish granted!*

Details: This game jam is open to anyone anywhere. Anyone may enter a game so long as it fits the theme. Games entered into this game jam CANNOT  contain rude or hateful opinions towards anyone of any type. Entrants who enter obscene and hateful content will be disqualified from any future game jam hosted by Electric Eyebat and those entrants will be reported immediately. 

THEME: Friendship and Love


- Do not insult anyone for their entry

- Do not insult anyone for their race, ethnicity, gender orientation, etc.

- Do not enter obscene content that goes against the rules of itch or this game jam.

- Be nice to your competition and give respectful feedback.

- Games must be tasteful and considerate.

- Congratulate the winner of this game jam.

- Have fun!

Prize for the winner: One *wish* granted by Electric Eyebat.

Wish details:

*The wish granted may only relate to games provided by Electric Eyebat. The wish will not be physical and cannot be cash. The entrants of this annual jam hereby agree that upon entering the game jam they understand they will not receive any cash, compensation, or physical prize for entry. The winner agrees that their prize is limited to non-physical and non-cash related things since Electric Eyebat cannot provide such prizes at this time. Anyone who joins this game jam agrees that they understand that if they win then the prize cannot be physical or cash related. All games in this game jam are provided as is and Electric Eyebat takes no responsibility in the case that any of these games are not what they say they are or if they cause harm to the downloaders computers. Download at your own risk. The winner must contact Electric Eyebat by emailing to within one month of the game jam's end date. Failure to request their prize(the wish) within in this time will result in them missing out on receiving their prize.*