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Do you want to get creative with environmental data?

 Eko Game Jam is a game jam with a twist. The teams will be challenged to utilise different sources of simple to use, environmental data, contributed by Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the Finnish Environment Institute and Ministry of Environment and other partners. 


This jam focuses on prototyping games that utilise environmental data. During the event, we will help you to form a team, innovate a game and prototype it. Some experience making games will be helpful, but not a necessity. Mentoring will happen both online and onsite. 

More information can be found at Eko Game Jam and please do ask any questions on Discord! :)  

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 #egj #ekogamejam


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You can get to know the people behind Eko Game Jam better on  the Facebook event page!


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This forest is quiet and empty... But you can change that!
Vegangelize meat eaters and polluters to a better life!
Card Game
Lobby for the climate!
Collect food to maintain your hunger, but don't eat high carbon foods. Mobile Version and PC version available.
Global warming simulator 2019
Play in browser
Juggle factions to pass Eco reforms
Visual Novel
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Game made during Eko game jam 2019. Combine land units into larger ones to improve their emissions.
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Very ekologigal game