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Welcome to IGDA's eJam! This completely virtual game jam pairs students with professional game developers to jam out awesome game projects in just 48 hours!

This game jam is for students and aspiring game developers to provide them with game development skills, practice, mentorship, and networks that will benefit their career development. 

This jam is being generously sponsored by Obsidian Entertainment, Core GamesRiot Forge Games, and Unity.

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Event Summary 

Students everywhere have experienced severe disruption to their study and their lives as schools and universities have had to move online. With the approaching summer, this disruption is not only relegated to campuses, but there has also been a wide-spread cancellation of internship opportunities and other summer activities. 

The IGDA is hosting its first ever eJam completely virtually to help high school and college students learn more about game development while expanding their portfolios.

The eJam will run for 48 hours from 3pm PDT June 26 to 3pm PDT June 28, 2020. A keynote and introductory talks will be presented on June 26th at 12pm PDT on: and a closing ceremony announcing the winners will be at 4pm PDT on: 

Teams will consist of up to 5 student members and at least one professional game developer mentor. You can find team members on the #ejam IGDA Discord channel or on this jam's forums. Mentors can be requested/proposed or they will be assigned by the IGDA from available IGDA mentor volunteers.


Apply to be paired with a professional game developer mentor or to mentor a team. To guarantee a mentor, please sign up by 11:59pm PDT on June 22nd:

If you are unable to get an assigned mentor, don't fear! The IGDA's Discord has over 1500 professional game developers that will help answer your questions! 

Note: If you haven't 

Theme: Celebration

Streamers, fireworks, parties, friends, and fun-- It's time to celebrate! Whether your ideal celebrate is a silly birthday bash or a fantastical fantasy parade, we want to see your most fun, thrilling, and friendly celebration themed games! 

Bonus Theme: Core

Core Games is offering additional benefits to contestants who submit a game made in Core! Two weeks after the eJam ends, the top three Core-created games will be awarded with featuring and promotion by Core Games on the Core homepage, social media, Discord, and emails! 


Students of all levels of experience are welcome and celebrated in this game jam. To acknowledge that each team will be facing unique challenges on their path, we will be giving special awards to the three teams for outstanding accomplishments as: 

Most Creative: We are looking for the team that shows the most creativity in approaching the theme and their game. We want to celebrate the unique, creative, and thoughtful approaches in the mechanics, art, and theme of your game! 

Best Teamwork: We are all coming together to make these games and we want to recognize those who do the most to support each other. If you are a solo team, don't fear! We will be keeping a close eye on our Discord and forums to look for those who are most willing to lend a hand and words of support to others. 

Best Growth: The journey is the most important part of any game jam, not the result. We will be recognizing the team who shows the most personal growth over the coarse of this game jam, so don't shy away from asking for help-- Acknowledging the challenges you are facing will you get the resources, support, and recognition for overcoming them. 

These three teams will win:

  • A live interview with the IGDA about your game and efforts at the closing ceremony, featured on the front page of Twitch!
  • An article about your team and game on the IGDA website, IGDA Insider, and social media
  • VIP recognition by the IGDA, granting first opportunity at free industry event passes and other opportunities 

Also: Every team who submits a game will be sent a participation certificate and granted a free year of IGDA Membership-- providing access to exclusive IGDA resources, such as the IGDA Resource Library, IGDA Chapters and SIG, more mentorship opportunities, and thousands of dollars in discounts on hardware and events!  

Core Games is offering additional benefits to contestants who submit their game made in Core! Two weeks after the eJam ends, the top three Core-created games will be awarded with featuring and promotion by Core Games on the Core homepage, social media, Discord, and emails! 


Game development can be a challenging process, so look to both your mentors and the IGDA's awesome communities to receive additional help:

  1. IGDA's Discord Server - Has over 1,800 game developers who can help answers your questions or concerns
  2. eJam's Community Forums- Allows you to post your progress and connect with other jammers


Core is the new free game creation platform that lets you build, publish, and play games. Your game does NOT have to be created in Core, but it is a recommended option for teams that are new to game development. 

Core makes prototyping and iteration fast, so it’s a great platform for Game Jams, especially if you want to quickly set up a 3D multiplayer experience. You can get started making games right away using thousands of free, high quality music, sound, and art assets, with no coding required. 

Core is backed by the power of the Unreal engine, and it lets you create and customize your game as you see fit, from custom game logic in Lua to unique models you can combine from kitbashed primitives to a fully featured terrain editor.

Check out the following video of how to create and publish a multiplayer-ready game in 10 minutes!


Unity is a powerful game engine that can support the creation of 2D and 3D games using JavaScript or C#. Unity also offers an extensive asset library that can be used to help build out your game. 

Unity is providing two specialists to answer questions in the IGDA #ejam and #unity channels from: 

June 27th, 2020: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (PDT)
June 28th, 2020: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM (PDT)

So you are welcome to ask questions there as you work on your eJam game! 

eJam Goals

The core goals for eJam are:

  1. Promote the academic and social benefits of game development
  2. Teach students about tools and technology to advance their game development and general skills 
  3. Provide students with important game development practice and knowledge
  4. Connect students with a valuable network of mentors and peers for a career in game development
  5. Help students build their portfolio for game development careers
  6. Alleviate stress and social isolation fatigue by providing students with an interesting and socially interactive experience


To apply for a team mentor and to qualify your game to win prizes as part of the eJam, you and your team must follow these rules: 

  1. Teams
    1. Work alone or with a team of up to 5 members (excluding mentors)
    2. All team members should be current high school or college students or recent graduates. Additionally, we are welcoming aspiring game developers who are currently engaged in studying game development and do not have any published titles 
    3. All team members must be 13 years old or older
    4. Teams must submit their mentor application by June 22nd to be guaranteed a mentor
  2. Game submissions
    1. Submissions must be playable on Windows or Mac OS X
    2. The game project must be started and fully completed within the eJam's designated period, from 3pm PDT June 26 to 3pm PDT June 28, 2020
    3. Submission must NOT contain sexually explicit, racist, sexist, or otherwise disturbing content 
  3. Code of conduct
    1. Treat each other with respect 
    2. Be mindful of your speech and behavior towards others, especially when disagreeing 
    3. Harassment or abuse of any form will not be tolerated 
    4. Use appropriate profile images and names
    5. Do not send unsolicited private messages to anyone 
    6. Do not share sexually explicit, racist, sexist, or otherwise disturbing content 
    7. Do not disclose personal information about anyone other than yourself 
    8. Do not advertise services, software, or other products


The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) is the world’s largest nonprofit membership organization serving all individuals who create games. Their mission is to support and empower game developers in achieving fulfilling and sustainable careers.

The IGDA brings together developers at key industry events and in over 150 chapters and special interest groups (SIGs) to improve their lives and their craft. Whether you’re a student aspiring to become a game developer or a seasoned veteran—you are welcome in the IGDA! 


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Make wishes, read wishes, and chill.
IGDA eJam 2020
Play in browser
Celebrate The Victory!!
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eJam 2020
Interactive Fiction
IGDA eJam 2020 submission
Visual Novel
Everyone loves Christmas, but what about the day after Christmas?
Click your way to candy GLORY and discover powers of the ancient pinata spirits!
A Birthday Party So Good, You'll Never Want it to End!
A floaty puzzle platformer
A game about the balancing acts of life
Visual Novel
A physics-based crowd control game.
Cake making game, made with Jake and CreativeNess5
Cheers. Is a FPS game developed for the eJam 2020 48 hour game jam.
Type to Serve Demon Children at the Halloween Party
Play in browser
Have fun smashing stuff as a grumpy ghost that just wants these funky party-goers to leave!
Make some kitty mischief!
Celebrate with fireworks and magic!
Organize the greatest party of all time, whilst trying to keep everyone happy!
Funny Piñata Game
A little Prototype for EJam. enjoy! It has only 2 fighters atm
Prepare for the Harvest Festival
Play in browser
Make a toast with all the drinkers!
Play in browser
Play in browser
Do you have what it takes to complete the trials?
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
A cube of gelatin dessert tries to run away while avoiding falling obstacles
Play in browser
Sneak around to orchestrate a surprise party for your friend
Play in browser
Give some atmosphere to this terribly boring party !
Play in browser
Keep the party going by launching fireworks and balloons!
Play in browser
We control ball in this game. We can experience decent graphics and enjoyable experience.
You take a stick Roll a cake Profit
Play in browser
Good Sir! There has been a murder! And YOU aren't a suspect! (Game Jam)
Play in browser
You're 12 again, at a friends birthday party, you have spare cake. You know what to do.
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Left/ Right: Move
Play in browser
Each level is the evolution of game's genre
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Casual game where you try to please cutomers
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Have the best new year's