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The theme for the jam is 'Sports that could not exist'

EGX is returning to London this year, with the biggest gaming event in the UK happening at the ExCeL Centre 17-20 October. As part of the event this year we are also running a game jam, where student teams from around the UK will get the opportunity to practice their game-making skills, work together on a game project, rub shoulders with superstars of the gaming world, and present their jam game to the EGX audience!

The EGX Game Jam will be running from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, finishing at the last developer session of the day, where teams will get the opportunity to present what they have been working on, to the EGX crowd. After this, the teams will be encouraged to work on their games further, for the opportunity of presenting it at EGX 2020!

Each team will work with industry mentors who will help guide them through the game jam process. EGX is one of the largest and leading gaming events and professional networks in the UK. Being part of the jam will be a great opportunity to meet more people within the industry and will help you build your professional network to take the first steps into making games after your degree.

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Game made in EGX game, Co-op two player
An arena shooter where robot wars meets mobility scooters. Fast paced with 4 player local co-op.
Chess on a Rubik Cube!
Herding Cats- famously impossible... or is it?
An infinite running game defying gravity- go for a jog in Australia and end up in space!