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Create any kind of game using the EGA default 16-color palette.


Screen resolution: no restrictions (it can be anything from 1x1 to 4K UHD)
Colors: EGA default 16-color palette (please DO NOT USE enhanced EGA 64-colour palette), you don't have to use all 16 colours, if you don't need them all.
Filters: no restrictions (you only have to add ON / OFF filters button)
Sounds / music: no restrictions
Platform: widely used platform like web browser, Windows, Android, iOS, macOS etc. Multi-platform games are very welcome!
Programming language: no restrictions
Language: English
Game genre / theme: no restrictions (any 2D / 3D game)
Work in team: allowed
Submit more than one game: allowed

Please share this jam with hashtag - #EGAJAM wherever you want!

Good luck!

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A game about standing around.