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This is a game development competition for any ORPG (Online-Role-Playing-Game) made with Eclipse engines!

You have a week to make and upload them before public voting ends and the winner will be chosen

Game length, Genre and amount of maps is up to you!

Games for this competition must be made using an Eclipse engine* and must be hosted via port forwarding or windows server. If the game server isnt running 24/7 then not all voters will be able to test it!

*(Any engine based on eclipse and on the eclipse website) 

Recommended Game Engines to use:

Eclipse Renewal

Eclipse Andur

Link to Eclipse:

Click Here!

Start: Monday the 28th of August

End: Monday 4th of September.

Voting starts at the submission end and finishes on the 10th


  • Game hosting

  • Featured on Eclipse Connect

Invite as many people as you can :D

-This IS NOT run by an owner or admin of

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Short game for Eclipse ORPG Competition