This jam is now over. It ran from 2019-03-23 13:00:00 to 2019-04-29 23:00:00.

Have you recovered from Global Game Jam, Games Fleadh, all those 1GAMs? Or this could be your first jam of the year! It's never too late, and thanks to Bryan Duggan for organising St Laurence's Church for our Easter GameCraft.  I think you may guess our theme for the jam (and you might be correct... or not! 😜)

Tickets (€10-15):

## Schedule
* 09:30 - 09:50 Registration & setup
* 09:50 - 10:00 Welcome and Theme announcement
* 10:00 - 13:00 Game jam
* 13:00 - 14:00 Lunch
* 14:00 - 18:00 Game jam
* 18:00 Game jam Ends - tidy up and set up your game demos
* 18:00 - 19:30 Play games & Vote for fav game
* 19:30 - 20:00 Announce People's Choice and award prize(s)
* 20:00 GameCraft Ends

## Call for Sponsors
If you are interested in hosting (or have some place that would be cool to host a game jam), and/or you want to sponsor our game jam, you can drop us an email via

## Bring your own mug
To limit the amount of disposable cups used, bring your own mug. Thankies in advance.

## Games
Games made on the day will be uploaded to here!

##What is a GameCraft about?
It's a game jam for people who are interested in game-making to come together under one roof to make games, meet people and generally have fun.
GameCraft provides a venue so you can concentrate on making fun games. We also provide food and beverages throughout the day.

## But what is a game jam?
A game jam is an event for people to make games based on a theme (announced at the beginning of the jam) within a given period of time. It can be 8 hours or even up to 24 hours.

## Do I need to bring anything?
You bring your own tools, laptops, sound equipment, peripherals, software, assets, etc. We do not provide any equipment.

## Is it all about digital games?
No, you can make non-digital games like boardgames, card games, RPGs, other types of pervasive games. All you need to do is bring your own craft materials. We don't provide any on the day.

## Am I able for a game jam?
YES! You like games, and having fun. You don't have to be a programmer, if you can draw, tell stories, make music, and more... come along!

## Is there an age restriction to participate?
Yes, GameCraft events are all adult events (over 18s) unless specified. Normally when you sign up, you have to agree that you are over 18 before completing your registration.

## Do I have to be in a team?
Nope, let us know when you check-in at registration on Saturday morning (09:30-09:59), and let us know what skills you have, and we can form a group in the morning before we announce the theme.

## How many can we have in a team?
As many as you want. :-)

## What about ownership of the games we create?
> All games and content produced during GameCraft events remains the full property of their creators. GameCraft makes no claim to anything participants create. When you take part in GameCraft events you own everything you create.

> All trademarks remain property of their respective owners.

See [](

## Can I play games made at the jam?

Yes; we will try and get folks to upload their games to here on itchio.

## Where is TU Dublin Grangegorman?

The event takes place in St. Laurence's Church (left from the entrance).

Here's the map: [](

Here's how to get to the venue: [](