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Türkiye & Syria Earthquake Relief Bundle

This is a charity bundle to aid folks affected by the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria. 

We are Play for Türkiye, a community-driven initiative representing the diverse Turkish game development community. Our mission is to empower game developers to create social impact

A devastating earthquake struck Türkiye and Syria leveling multiple cities. More than 50,000 people have already perished in the destruction. Millions more are left without a home, access to food, or warm clothes to wear. We can help them, today.

What we have done so far;

- Collaborated with Humble Bundle for another Earthquake relief bundle and raised 3.5M$ for the ones in need. 

- We work closely with international bodies like GGJ and WIG to raise awareness and get donations for the cause.

The money raised through this charity bundle will be distributed through the Turkish Philanthropy Fund (TPF) to charities that are active in the Turkish and Syrian region. The selected charities are Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, and White Helmets. The money will be used to:

  • Provide food and emergency medical supplies to people and animals,
  • Support temporary relief and emergency supplies for displaced families,
  • Provide support to front-line workers,
  • Provide psycho-social and mental health support to survivors,
  • Support economic relief efforts,
  • Support long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts.

You can learn more about TPF’s ongoing earthquake relief efforts here.

Join the bundle by submitting your game to this Jam. 



How do I join the bundle?

Submit your game to this game jam!

After the jam ends you will get a notification from to approve your participation to the bundle, if your game is included.

How does the money stuff work?

The money goes directly to and will then be transferred to the Turkish Philanthropy Fund which will distribute it. So Play for Türkiye will not store any of it.

Does joining the game jam automatically mean my game is included in the bundle?

No, there is a vetting process. We will be ensuring each submission runs and doesn't contain any malware. We will also be filtering for low effort bad faith submissions. 

Can I submit free projects?

Yes!  However, we ask you to only submit a piece if you believe in it. Previous free items in the bundles caused concern and reduced the bundle's perceived value, yet as creators, we know that the value of a piece work isn't always captured in its price.

Can I submit multiple things?

Sure. You need to submit them seperately.

Can I submit non-games?

Any project page on with a URL is acceptable.

Can I submit adult content?

No, sorry! We aim to make this bundle media-friendly to achieve maximum reach, as people tend to be sensitive. Please exercise your judgment accordingly.

Will Steam (or other external keys) be given with a purchase?

No, we cannot consider projects for this bundle as coordinating with them can be challenging and may attract scammers. Therefore, only projects will be taken into account.

I'm worried people might already have my game from another bundle.

That's fine. While we do want to include as much new content as we can, some people have yet to play your game!

Thank you everyone for contributing to this charity bundle.