Submissions open from 2019-12-08 23:00:00 to 2019-12-22 23:00:00
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🔪🥩About this jam🥩🔪

As a teacher, my students have to take part in a 2 days game jam. This year, everyone is welcome to the jam and the theme is "Dysviolence". Violence is the dominating context/concept that video games are built on. Even Space Invaders at its core is about violence, about borders. We're tired of that. We want to see games stripped of their violence, in any and all ways this can be done.

Starting with the Unity Technologies' FPS Microgame, they have to realise a game that remove all the "shooter" elements and move to a different type of game.

Feel free to take part in this jam with any other starting template, as long as you make something that suits the theme.

The FPS Microgame project can be found from the "Learn" tab of Unity Hub or downloaded from the Asset Store.

🔪🥩The dates🥩🔪

The in-house game jam at school takes place from December 10th 2019 to December12th 2019. Altough I require that all my students upload something on by the end of it, everyone (them included) can submit new versions until December 23th 2019. 

You then have 2 months to play and rate each other entries!

On February 12th, there will be a demo day where all the games submitted and fitting the themes are played in class and reviewed.


Altough I (Colin) is hijacking the Sand Gardeners account to serve my professional ventures, I am still gonna abide by our philosophy :

- There are no rules, remake a game you've already made if you want... buy assets, pirate assets... hack into Activision's servers and turn Call Of Duty into some Animal Crossing type game, it's all fine.

- Be nice to everyone submitting games, highlight positive things and keep in mind that most entries will be some people's first games. No asshole gatekeeping will be tolerated.

- You don't have to submit a "Game game" or whatever that means. If you feel like re-writing your country's constitution to remove any mentions of violence, you're more than welcome to do so. Game is a broken term and we accept any form of art: interactive or not, virtual, physical, whatever...