This jam is now over. It ran from 2017-08-13 07:00:00 to 2017-08-27 06:59:59.

What will our future hold?

Welcome to the Dystopian Rainbow Jam! This month the theme is Dystopia (I know, obviously, right). Take it as you will, and lets all work together to see some really amazing games added to the world! Remember the reason we are here, building this community for Rainbow Creators,  is to show those who might need games that show themselves in it. Together we can be the media we needed as kids.

PS - Don't forget to join us on our fabulous Rainbow Jam discord server for some good old community building and fun times.

Theme : Dystopia

Our world today is becoming stranger than fiction, our world leaders more and more like the mad villains of children's tales. They raze the lands of our rights and expect nothing but unending sheep like mindless following. But we do not need to be still. We do not need to be silent. Even in the bleakest of nights there is light, if you look above.

Rules of Rainbow Jam

So therefore there are only two rules to Rainbow Jams :

1) Your game must focus on Queer and/or minorities OR the experiences of those groups.


2) All games submitted have to be created during the current Rainbow Jam. You can do prep work leading up to it, in fact,I encourage it. Prep away! HOWEVER you may not start work on the actual design or the game itself until the jam starts.

You don't have to finish the game to submit it. Unfinished works or demos are allowed, encouraged, and accepted! Completing the work for the jam isn't a requirement just creating one is.

What are Rainbow Jams?

Well that's a fair question. Rainbow Jams are my answer to being annoyed at not hearing Queer and minority stories. Its my answer to wanting to see more games created by those same people. We do exist out there even if people whisper about our mythical and magical unicorn powers. And I'd like to see more of us reflected in games, and as game creators. So from now on I will be hosting a Rainbow Jam a month to help fuel that avalanche of creation through games that better reflect our community. Its time for some games #ByUs4Us !