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After DURF was released a bunch of people asked about doing a jam, so here we go!


DURF is a rules-light dungeon-fantasy RPG inspired by the best of both the old and the new school of TTRPGs. It's designed to be a bare-bones system you can stick things on top of, without having to worry too much about it fucking up some obscure rule.

Some Rules

  1. All entries must be designed for one sheet of paper. Print on both sides, fold it, twist it, bop it, cut it, make a PocketMod, do whatever with it as long as it can be printed on a single sheet of A4 or Letter paper.
  2. Make whatever you want as long as it is at least tangentially related to DURF.
  3. No nazis, terfs, bigots, etc. Go rot in a corner somewhere else. If you have to ask, it probably includes you.
  4. You can charge whatever you want for your submission. You're worth it.

Also, come hang out in the DURF Discord :)

Good luck!

Artists List

To enhance your creations, we thought it could be useful to have a list of artists who offer ready-made resources on their Patreons, DriveThru or Itch, so you can find those below. Additionally, if you're a little strapped for cash, you can always use public domain art! You can check out some resources for that here!

  • Brooklet Games has some great pieces available on his Patreon, available at the Game Maker tier!
  • There are lots of evocative pieces from Feral Indie Studios here!
  • Salvaterra has his own Patreon with some awesome black and white illustrations available every month at the Expedition Tome tier!
  • Mac Teg has a creature pack available here, as well as his incredible one-word commissions!
  • Evlyn Moreau also has some amazing illustrations available on her Patreon which we all highly recommend!
  • Carlos Castilho's DriveThru page has a lot of fascinating stock art pieces, and is also available for commission!
  • Perplexing Ruins has his own stunning Patreon here with some breath-taking art available for personal and commercial use!
  • Hairic Lilred has a really cool PWYW art pack available here on Itch.
  • All illustrations inside the DURF pdf also fall under the Creative Commons (CC-BY 4.0) license, so feel free to use the images in this drive according to the license :)


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Faction Rules for DURF
A pocket sized character sheet for DURF
A systemfree science fantasy setting set in far future Brighton, UK
Hex crawl for DURF
A short adventure Pop-Up zine for DURF
Adding class-like ideas to DURF
Weird Archetypes for DURF
Martial arts rules options for the DURF RPG
a DURF adventure
A pirate adventure for DURF
A debt will be collected one way or another...
an expansion and setting overlay
Six relatively simple machines for brave adventurers.
a group of rival adventurers to keep players on their toes
an OSR cave adventure of snails and mushrooms
A DURF compatible one-page adventure site. Fantasy roleplaying!