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Before you even scroll:

No Nazis, terfs, bigots, etc. You'll be booted. If you have to ask if this includes you then it does.

Get paid for your work! Don't be afraid to charge money for your dungeon.

Glad we're all on the same page. Now, submit your dungeon!


↑ Save this poster for when you tell your friend about the jam and they don't believe you. "Here's proof!" you'll say. 



OH you want prizes? Ok well, share this jam with your friends and enemies and get a bunch of people to join the jam. In the meantime, I'm going to work on scrounging up some prizes like some kind of ski-ball operator at the Iowa State Fair. Is that how I look to you? Like I got blue ribbons on a wall behind me? Begone!

I might make bumper stickers though...

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A pamphlet dungeon for low-level characters.
An adventure of costumes and feasting for MÖRK BORG.
A castle-crawl for OSR games.
An epic one-page dungeon full of liches for any fantasy game
I had too many jams to enter so here's some dungeon maps
A system neutral 1-page adventure
This Band Sucks! A Shitty Band, Their Tour Bus Dungeon, and d4 Reasons to Give a Fuck. Cy_Borg ttRPG!
Short adventure for the Mork Borg rpg
A system agnostic creature and location.
Thy ship was swallowed by a moray eel, a point-crawl dungeon.
A short adventure about alien dancers, a king's crypt & exquisite treasures.
Una Aventura para Bandera Negra JdR
Shopping, Porcelain, and a Lich a Mork borg compatible mini dungeon
Mermaids Grotto - A bite sized dungeon created for the Dungeonuary Dungeon Jam, printable on A4 paper
Explore Castle Vertic, Face Tough Odds, Free Your Dragon!
An Out of This World Dungeon for Troupe and Cairn
A thrilling 1-page adventure for any TTRPG system
One Page Dungeon with versions for 5E, MorkBorg, and a dungeon game
A TTRPG about a wizard who is unable to let go of the past.
Delve into a demon haunted ruin in search of a fabled extra dimensional treasure!
A system neutral dungeon/encounter
A system-agnostic, one-page dungeon that is also a monster.
Featuring Skully & the Slime Monster from Another Dimension
A one-page dungeon in an ash buried house for Into the Odd
An engine agnostic TTRPG Dungeon
It is a "Dungeon" made for the Dungeonary - The January Game Jam.