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Hello, or if we've already seen each other, welcome back!

I'm Lux from Lux Maxima and like every month, we're organizing a TTRPG jam! (TTRPG = Tabletop Roleplaying Games)

Last month, we came together to produce amazing content based on the symbology of Chains and Freedom.

This July, the new theme is the duality between... Power and Corruption.

You have the rest of the current month to come up with anything TTRPG-related inspired by this theme.

(Entire games, maps, oracles, adventures for existing system, etc.)

Entries will become public at the end of the month!


  1. Be gay, do crimes.
  2. Submit something related to the theme.
  3. Submit something TTRPG-related.
  4. Respect any relevant copyright and licensing.

Past projects are okay. Submissions to multiple jams are also okay. (:

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A hexcrawling TTRPG set in the lowlands. Drown in swamps and tattoo your body with sacred mushroom ink.
Dwarven Stronghold Simulation
Hack-n-Slash TTRPG inspired by aRPGs like Path of Exile
A TTRPG about ministers plotting, working for an indolent King.
A system-neutral, interactive adventure supplement with a dark fantasy, old-school feel for any RPG.
All Pigs are Bastards
A super-powered black ops RPG
Drunk chiefs reveal their secrets while playing truth or truth.
There is someone you need to bring back to life no matter what.