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Hello, or if we've already seen each other, welcome back!

I'm Lux from Lux Maxima and like every month, we're organizing a game jam!

Last month, we came together to produce amazing

content based on the relationship between The End and The Beginning.

This May, the new theme is the duality between... "Individual and Society".

You have the rest of the current month to come up with anything TTRPG-related inspired by this theme.

(Entire games, maps, oracles, adventures for existing system, etc.)


  1. Be a good human
  2. Submit something related to the theme
  3. Do most -if not all- of the work during the jam period.
  4. Respect any relevant copyright and licensing.
  5. I don't know why this isn't obvious, but submit something TTRPG-related.


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A solo journaling rpg
A strange object falls from the heavens, a spring of water flows, the sheep are awakened.
A solo TTRPG inspired by the BBC Mini-Series "Good Omens"
A Regency Gossip Letter-Writing Game for 3+ Players
Explore a fully realized world with diversity and dynamic societies bursting from every page!
A Post-Apocalyptic Fungal Adventure
Political conspiracies and ancient artifacts: who knew delivering mail would get you mixed up in all this?
A game about espionage, conspiracy and secrets set in a divided city.
Welcome to the World of Dronia, where sustained sounds is the communication and travel methods for inhabitants.
A small TTRPG about individuals working together to solve problems (in Space).