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Hello, or if we've already seen each other, welcome back!

I'm Lux from Lux Maxima and like every month, we're organizing a game jam!

Last month, we produced breath-taking content based on the duality between Minimalism and Maximalism.

This April, the new theme is the duality between End and Beginning.

You have the rest of the current month to come up with anything TTRPG-related inspired by this theme.

(Entire games, maps, oracles, adventures for existing system, etc.)


  1. Be a good human
  2. Submit something related to the theme
  3. Do most -if not all- of the work during the jam period.
  4. Respect any relevant copyright and licensing.


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A map-making and journaling solo RPG. Be the Forest. End civilization.
Battle limited resources and censorship in this WWI letter-writing game for 2
A floral two player game about writing to a loved one while you are apart.
a solo TTRPG about time loops
An Asymmetrical Yahtzee-Style Save The World Or Destroy It Game
A world building game about relationships and the passage of time.