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About them TTRPG jams, hey? If you're looking for one for the first week of February, you're in luck! This time around, the theme is the duality between Light and Darkness. You have 7 days to come up with anything TTRPG (an entire game, a map, an adventure for an existing system, etc.) inspired by this theme.

Join today to put yourself to the test with this game jam! Even if you start as a total newbie, I guarantee you're going to learn more from one week of work than any length of time without actually producing anything.

Rules (copypasted with some slight changes from the Lone Wolf Solo TTRPG Jam):

  • Be a good human
  • Submit something related to the theme
  • Make something new - You can have started work on this before, but please do most of the work during the jam period.
  • Respect any relevant copyright and licensing.


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Keep your candle lit and survive the Darkness.
A solo RPG of dark, light and the zones in between
It’s up to you to seize what left of this pathetic world
Use the following rules to create unique creatures and go on quests with them!
Card Game
Play in browser
A supplement for the Sigil and Shadow system with three additional castings.
A one page game about illuminating something in your surroundings.
Face your own mortality.
Find your way through the mansion before dawn...or before the Shades get to you
Keep the light burning as the darkness closes in. A minimal horror TTRPG.