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Hi, welcome to the first Dual Jam. I think this jam is going to be veverziry unique and fun. The main goal is to form teams of two people who will complement each other and maybe continue to work together after this contest, this is the main goal.

The theme?

Since this is a Dual jam we will have two themes, the first one is "Supernatural", the second one you choose! You can share your suggestions on the discord server or on the community tab here on the jam.

What is rated?

I. Adherence to themes
II. visuals/how good the game looks
III. technical side of the game
IV. Fun
V. Creativity
VI. Overall rating

Winning prize?

Above all, a good feeling of a job well done and great cooperation. Also, the winner(s) will get a special role on our discord.

Ask additional questions in the community card or on the discord.

Looking forward to seeing your great work, good luck!!!


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Simple wolf32 like game for sega saturn
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