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Game 3: Fungus Adventure Game

Create a sequel or installment in a fictional genre franchise. The story should be inspired by a tv-show or book you *vaguely* remember from childhood, but don't copy those charcaters, they should be your own characters. You can research ideas and thoughts, but you should try and refrain from looking up the original source directly.

The game should start halfway through the story, ie, in the middle of the book or after the ad break.

- Evoke a very specific place full of details and specificity
- Create 3 characters and character sheets
- Create 3 scenes with dialog.
- Include the 3 Excel character sheets. You can create your own, template inc with notes.

Comic by Winter K

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An anime dating sim
A short narrative game about cunning, greed and consequences of judging people based on who they appear to be.
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A alternate reality, in which Gigantor discovers his true self!
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Jake Baby's final case.
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Set in the aftermath of Poppets IV: Storbian King.
A dialogue heavy game of choice
2D Narrative based project
Interactive episode of the famous show Action Rock
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Not everything is what it seems in Flump Town.
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A short 2D unity game made with Fungus in 10 days. A very odd reality game show...
Something's off about this egg.
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Evil kid that loves animals
The end of the Helletubbies trilogy
Get to safety before they get you
Find the monster that stole everything from you
A parody on the tv show 25
Short sequel to Pokemon