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Using what we did in class, create 2D art and build a unity game about something you did or experienced last year in 2 to 4 hours. A digital souvenir/postcard. Register and upload to I will post the link to the itch jam on facebook in the next couple of days. This assignment is marked.

- You will pass if you upload something playable!!

You will get one grade better for each of the following:
- incorporating your own assets (4 or more, inc at least 1 animation).
- creating this assets in an interesting way (ie. not just pixel/digital art).
- if you express a story/situation/idea effectively.
- if you create something surprising!

If you don't give me your name and your email address (where I can send feedback) I won't be able to mark them.

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Overcome all the problems, fears and insecurities that slow down your way back to college.
Walking to get lunch after a rainy day in college
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about doggo
This is a game based on all the foods I've eaten in my lifetime.
Travelled around the world to eventually end up in Doug Fir lounge for the mother of all pedicures.
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narrtaive, mature theme
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Use arrows keys to move Left and Right
A short story of my tour of the set of Game of Thrones
Press A + D to move. Reload if data fails to download, only works randomly :(
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My descent into madness
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First Project on Unity
College assignment
A small narative through my previous year.
Role Playing
A minimalist narrative about creative process.
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A sad time in my life and thoughts of memories fading
Life in the country during Christmas 2015
College assignment