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Welcome the DRY Jam ! #dryjam

The DRY Jam is a competition in which you will not have to write a complete game, but only one of its mechanics.

DRY stands for Don't Repeat Yourself.

The perks of making the best mechanics is that you could even take it and use it inside any project you want. It's plug and play.
This is the main principle of modularization, or in other words, not repeating yourself.

Session's theme is ROPE


  • Jam: 4th October - 11th October (one week)
  • Voting: 11th October - 25th Novemeber (two weeks)


  • Armaldio: 

Creator of the Discord server "Construct Community" and instigator of this jam. I started by the creation of small projects on Construct 2, but today I develop javascript plugins. I intend to get into the development of Construct 3 to benefit the community

  • Saiyadjin:

Master gamer since 6 yr old, an experienced c# developer with love for game development. Using C2 since 2012, working on some games, experimenting with unexplored territory like isometry. Games released: . Also perfectionist that will dissect your code before any judgment.

  • Skymen:

I've made games for 5 years and I've been using Construct 2 for the past 3 years. I didn't make that many fully fledged games but rather lots of small systems, editors and tools. I decided to start making plugins and behaviors with the same idea in mind: Make small useful stuff that you can't do (easily) using events.

You can chat with them on the official discord server.



  • A translation plugin
  • Notification plugin

  1. We are also looking for sponsors (anyone who wants to offer something to the winners). If interested, please tweet me (@armaldio) or email me at
  2. Prizes are subject to change, stay tuned


You can join the official jam Discord server here.

There is no official jam twitter account, but you can still use the hashtag #dryjam


After the submission period is over, voting will begin. All participants can rate other entries in the following categories on a scale from 1 to 5 stars! Please leave feedback on each template you rate; it's more helpful than just a number!

Here are the 4 topics that will be rated: 

  • The features: the overall impression about how well made is the mechanic 
  • The design: the presentation / art of the mechanic
  • The code: is the code optimized, modularized, plug and play ?
  • The contextualization: does the environnment have an impact on the mechanic ?


  • Anyone, regardless of experience, is welcome to participate!
  • You must start from scratch. No external plugins are allowed (unless explicitly specified). 
  • Give proper credits to the artists if you don't make your own art.
  • Leave feedback on any template you rate.
  • Teams are allowed.
  • Submission that are discriminatory, contain hate-speech, that don't follow the rules or are unplayable will be removed.
  • You must respect the theme. Any submission not related to the theme will be deleted.
  • Since this jam started from a Construct related community, the usage of Construct 2 or Construct 3 is highly encouraged but you can still you any game engine / framework of your choice.


Submissions will be sent through Please upload your template normally through first; after doing so, you will be able to submit it as an entry to the DRY Jam through this page. If you have teammates, you can add them as contributors to your template by going to your itchio template settings :)

All templates must be free untile the end of the jam.

Don't forgot to include #dryjam as a tag for your template. You can find this if you go to your template page -> Edit game -> Tags.


This jam is a good way to create templates ready for the store

Feel free to promote your template by sharing this page, the winners names will be shown here


Can we team up ?

Of course, but we will not give every people the prizes, you have to split them yourself

I found something missing  / have a suggestion on this page, where can I reach you ?

You can contact me by email at or just tweet me (@armaldio)

Can I submit after the jam ends ?

Yeah, just send me a mail. It must be before the end of the voting period tho.

I can finish my template, can I still post it ?

Sure, this is even encouraged!


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Rope added, lol, I thought the theme of the JAM was DRY when I started. I will be glad just not to be kicked out.
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