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The Dream On Dreamcast Contest Returns for the 20th Anniversary of The Dreamcast, as has Dream On!

The contest runs from July 6, 2018 and ends on December 31, 2019 (extended from the original end date of September 9, 2019 to allow for more time for development of entries), as this year marks the twentieth anniversary of the release of the Dreamcast outside of Japan.

There will be prizes, but the specifics still need to be worked out.  The contest has been started before this process to leave ample time for the creation of entries.

Teams are permitted. If you wish to use pre-created assets please use those with licenses that allow commercial use just in case a pressed game award is one of the prizes. This has been the case in the previous Dream On contests, but as prizes have not yet been worked out at this point, it isn't guaranteed. It's best to err on the side of caution, just in case.

To help alleviate some concerns raised in the previous Dream On contests, I (JenniBee, also known as MetaFox) am offering to create game assets (music, art,  sound effects, voice work, etc.) for any entry that requests it.  Send an e-mail to if you'd like me to create something for your project. :)

Feel free to use any of my previously created assets in your entry as well.


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A strange narrative experience for the Sega Dreamcast and PC.
A small speed focused 2d platformer
A Dr Mario clone for the Dreamcast with up to 8 players
This one is best played without knowing anything prior. For Sega Dreamcast