Submissions open from 2020-01-07 05:00:00 to 2020-03-01 04:59:59
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[World Clock Is Via EST Time For Purposes Of This Game Jam (Jan 7th 0:00 to Feb 29th 23:59)]

"For some odd reason is not advertising our game jam for who knows what reasons so I extended the times as I will now have to advertise for us using social media as I want all participants to have a minimum a month to work on a project!"


Rules are:

Make a game using only just DOS-Batch for Windows, no worries I'm giving you all plenty of time.

[Up to 2 people per team! Can be Solo or Duo but No More than 2]

No NSFW, No Drugs, Nothing Illegal, Can't Be Malicious To A PC In Any Way

All files must be batch even files created via batch (Note: Readme.txt can be text file)

In a text readme post minimum 3 challenges not listed in challenges and must be in your game submission.

You are not allowed to add via Batch to readme even in the purpose to save/load and or A.I. purposes

( Hint ) However you can call a bat to a bat to a bat etc.

Credit and document all work for both team members


Very Fun

Challenging Whether Puzzles Or Intended Gameplay

Elegant Design

Add Colors

Add Graphics

Add Storyline

Add Characters

Add Mobs

Add Items

Add In Game Mechanics

Add Something Odd You Never Seen In A Game Before

Add An AI That Can Learn

A Password / Name System For Players To Access Their Own Characters

(Note: These challenges all don't need to be completed to win but the more the merrier!)

BONUS Points:

[Multiplayer and or Online]

[2 Dev Teams]

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A batch farming game