This jam is now over. It ran from 2019-03-24 00:00:00 to 2019-03-31 22:59:59. View 42 entries

Game jam rules:

  • Don't make a game.
  • Don't work on a game
  • Do literally anything else

If this jam seems exceptionally difficult to you, there is a good chance you should try participating.

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I didn't make a game but here's a video of my cat
A basic Godot test
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This is not a game, it is a RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE!
3d medieval lance for an RPG or FPS medieval stlye game
This is not a game.
There isn't game just black screen... Maybe there is music
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3D Models of a mealworm, a pupa, and a darkling beetle for the "Dont Make a Game" jam
Don't download
Click on the pig for an answer.
made for the "don't make a game" game jam. break the rules and have fun. super short and honestly, not sweet.
Visual Novel
A first person shooter in which you play as Helen Keller.
A SteamCMD wrapper for Garry's Mod used to install the missing Counter Strike Source textures.
Why fight when you can drink?
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this is not a game. this has 0 meaning to it.
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This is not a game
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This is not a game, part of Sophie's #DontMakeAGameJam
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A bard with a harp has a song to sing and not a game to make.
There is no game here
Submissions for Don't Make A Game jam
Not Made For Don't Make a Game Jam 2019
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Like a real DVD player, but worse !
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