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Dominos! They are a classic game, an instantly recognizable piece, and evocative of... well, nothing really. They typically black and white, relatively uninteresting, and convey absolutely no theme, tone, or genre. All that can change with the right text to go along with these wonderful little tiles. 


This jam is all about creating games that utilize dominos in new and interesting ways. We could use dominos to create whole new worlds, fantastical maps, or epic timelines. Perhaps the dominos could create patterns that take the shape of a fearsome enemy. Maybe the dominos are used as clout during a heated argument, with the winner slamming their tile down in victory. Some other examples include:

  • Classic domino number matching with a twist
  • Using domino draws as random generators or resolution mechanics
  • Creating spreads or patterns with dominos and interpret them
  • Stack dominos in a series without knocking them over... or do
  • Something else, you're in charge!


None, really. This is an unranked, freeform jam aimed at making tabletop games (role playing, storytelling, etc.), but digital and video games are welcome too. You're encouraged to make a new project for this jam, but dusting off an old idea or submitting an existing game is fine too. Engage with this jam in whatever way makes sense for you. 

Other than that, the standard "don't be a jerk" rules apply: no homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, or bigotry of any kind will be tolerated. Games that glorify, support, condone, or encourage such things will be removed from the jam. Don't do it. 

The jam runs until the end of April (unless it doesn't) and there are no limitations on the number of projects you can submit. Creators retain full rights to their projects and are encouraged to charge for them. If you are viewing this jam, please consider purchasing a game or two. Supporting independent creators is a must! 


To get the ball rolling, and to make gaming more accessible (especially during this time of social distancing and remote play), I have created a set of printable domino cards that anyone can make free use of. If you would also like to contribute resources to creators for this jam, please feel free to create a community post and link to your work. 


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Simple, printable domino cards
A 2-player game about passionate tensions resolved through dominoes
A ritual for one, turning lead into gold.
A narrative domino game for 2 players
A domino based TTRPG
Territorial Control Domino
Clickable 3D objects - some explode. Get the fragments before the robot does.
Play in browser
Um RPG solo que usa dominós
A small narrative game based on the mechanic of dominoes.
The honorable Wizards Duel
A one-session RPG, set in a retirement community, around a game of dominoes.