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Here's the plan:

Over the fourth weekend of January you'll pop your favorite intoxicant, depressant, stimulant, psychotropic, et al, then sit down and make a game on it. Well, depending on what you chose you might only be able to conceptualize while under the influence, but do your best to make progress while floating through the stars then finish the game when you come back down.

Any performance-enhancer you desire is accepted (at your own discretion).

Games will be rated on:

A. Dopeness

B. Trippyness

C. Funness

D. Core Design

Feel free to name the drug you used upon completion. This should make for an interesting exploration on how each drug affects creative function.

And always remember, BE SAFE. This jam might be rad, but it isn't worth endangering your health or stability too much for.

Good luck friends.

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