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Drug Jam #2

A 72 Hour Game Jam

Theme: Lost

Inspired by the Do Drugs Jam, you'll take your substance of choice (or not, sober entries are accepted as well) and make a game under the influence of it over a 72 hour period (March 25th - March 28th).

Working in teams is allowed. You're free to use whatever tools or libraries you'd like to, however all assets have to be created during the 72 hour period. There'll be a theme announced both here and on twitter @DivitosGD at the start of the jam, but it is not expected that anyone use it. It's just there as a guideline if you need an idea to start off with.

Games submitted for the jam will be rated on 6 categories.

Overall - Your overall rating for all aspects of the game.

Gameplay - The mechanics of the game. This includes just about everything you're doing in game that isn't there to enhance the experience but instead makes it up.

Fun - How much fun did you have playing the game? Is it something you lost yourself in, or was it a grind just to play it?

Story - How much lore was there surrounding the experience? Why were you doing what you were doing?

Mood - What was the atmosphere of the game like? Did it make you think about anything deeper?

Audio - Music and sounds are a big part of a game. How effective was the sound of this game in adding further meaning to what was happening?

Make sure to keep updated with everything jam related using #DJ72 on Twitter. Good luck everyone! I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with over the weekend.

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An air of loneliness shrouds the village. 1GAM #2
There is only one escape from the Halls of Suffering.
Hunt the angel and clip its wings. 1GAM #3